Devotion to God

It's been a while since my last blog, most of that is down to a busy schedule, and some because I beleive that if God lays something on my heart then that is when I should share it.

So Devotion to God!! I have said in a previous blog that our lives our to be a 24/7 life with God, amen! Devotion comes in many forms and ways, Through worship, through serving, through prayer, through the way we behave etc!

Lets look at Phillipians 3 verse 3! For we are the circumcision, who worship by the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh.

In worship God must be the centre of our thoughts and our actions, He is to be Glorified through our acts of worship. I truly beleive that we must bring our song of worship as though we are on our own, even in corporate worship. ( I like to think of this as the shower room mentality) God wants our worship to be honouring to him and for us to put our whole heart and soul into that time of worship.

I often hear people say oh I don't like that song, or I really love this song in times of worship. As humans who are fallen by nature through sin, we often look at things from our own perspective, and human perspectives. A couple of years back I was having real difficulty singing a couple of songs in church, I had decided that for one of the songs I did not like it very much, and for the other I struggled with it's tune!

God woke me up in the middle of the night after one particular Sunday and told me that he wanted my all in worship of him no matter what hymn was being sung. I had allowed my personal preferences to guide me and to some extent control me.

I do feel that in corporate worship it is so important that the right songs are chosen for the service, But God wants our adoration, and if we are only doing it half heartedly then where is our focus. When we come to church or even in our private time at home God wants us to devote ourselves to him and him alone. You will I am sure be aware of the passage that says God is a jealous God! Exodus 34 verse 14.

So lets focus on God alone, it is glory to Him and it is a blessing of the one bringing their worship. So much more could be said about devotion to God, but I wanted truly just to give a snap shot of that devotion.

Glory to God always,