Album (Amazing beauty)

Its been a good while since my last blog post, sorry if you feel I have dissapeared!

Life has been very busy, with bible college and getting the album ready. So what news have I got, well the new album will start to be recorded in July, which is nearly 8 months later than initially planned but as with all things it was better to take my time and get it right than make a mess of it.

As of yet their is still no release date for the album but as soon as I know it I will post about it and let you know how to get hold of a copy. I am excited to get this music recorded and ready for release, these songs have been in written for at least a year now, some even longer. The thing I will say is that God teaches us patience and it is a fruit of the spirit In Galatians 5. So patiently I wait to finalise this album, may God bless you, Jez