Walking in the light!!

Well the album is getting closer to being finished, I feel it is a real mix of different idea's, Two songs to add now then all will be done with Walking in the light! It has taken longer than I would have liked to do the album and create it, but it has all been done in Gods time not my own!!Smile My music might not be to everyone's taste, what Walking in the light is though is an album of songs reflecting on how much I trust God and how much the Holy spirit inspired me during my fight with the illness i had. Most of the songs on this album were written from my hospital bed, so they truly reflect how I felt during my time in hospital and my deep love and joy as Jesus carried me through those days and months despite the awfulness of the situation my life was in. I am already working on new material for a new album which is very different than walking in the light. My prayer and hope is that you are blessed by how God has inspired me, AND PLEASED DO GO AND CHECK OUT TANZANIA (UK) CHARITY!! Be blessed, Jez