A big fat zero

A sermon in church recently was about this, us being a big fat zero! If Jesus is number one and we are a zero, imagine what number we become if we line up behind him, trusting him with everything? One of the things that this sermon prompted me to do was to look at myself. Do I put myself forward or do I submit to God? In worship I felt the same, did I have personal preferences where it came to the music we sing in church, the answer by the way was yes! God then showed me Psalm 150 and told me through studying his word that my personal preferences had to go out of the window.

To truly get to where God wants us we have to follow the holy spirits leading, not our own, it reminded me of the sermon about being a big fat zero! God wants men and women who do not decide how it is going to be and controlling things, he wants a people who will listen to his leading of us, so that we will worship him in spirit and in truth. In essence I am reminded to be a big a big fat zero, wherever God leads me and to follow his leading and not to lead myself, less of me and more of God, In truth I would like it to be none of me and be all of God, but I am fallible and human, I am constantly reminded though, to be a big fat zero! God bless, Jez